Rev. Tom Brewer

Rev. Tom Brewer, graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, is a founding pastor with over 50 years of Bible teaching experience and a passionate love for Jesus. Tom’s wit, style, and knowledge are true to the Scripture and challenging to the listener. One always has a golden nugget to ponder when he/she leaves the class. Did not Jesus teach in a similar fashion? Rev. Brewer has long since moved to Washington State to be with his grand-daughter and family.

Special Note: All of Rev. Tom Brewers’s teachings were originally recorded on Tape Cassettes. The process to convert to digital format for Net-Casting purposes is unfortunately time consuming. However, God willing and time permits, we will continue to add to his amazing teachings. Keep us in your prayers.

Net-Casting Presentation Order
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Genesis (Part 1 of 2)14TB01
Genesis (Part 2 of 2)14TB02
Survey of Psalms10TB50