Rabbi Michael Mayersohn

Rabbi Michael Mayersohn brings his own unique and scholarly ability to present without bias or seeking to convert an understanding from both a Jewish and Christian perspective the Torah, the Prophets, and as a surprise bonus as one class attendee put it: “To really know Jesus as a Jew”. Rabbi Mayersohn has an incredible sense of humor which inspires laughter even as it inspires a deeper understanding of our Judeo-Christian heritage. Michael lives, teaches, and works as a full time Rabbi in the Los Angeles area.

Net-Casting Presentation Order
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Exodus & Leviticus10MM02
Numbers & Deuteronomy10MM03
Prophets – Part 110MM04
Prophets – Part 210MM05
Prophets – Part 39MM06
*** Judaism for Christians Series ***sponsored by ACJIS
Basic Judaism for Christians5MM50
Why Some Jews Reject Jesus4MM52
What the Prophets were Prophesying6MM53
Angels & Demons3MM54
Parting of the Ways3MM55
*** Judaism and Islam Series *** sponsored by ACJIS
Sacred Texts, Sacred Persons8MM80