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This is a FREE Bible Study Service.

Our service will remain FREE through our non-app Subsonic application and only Username: 300 and Password: free (case sensitive) will be required. This option, while accessible on a smartphone, is not user friendly. Think – Desktop. Our non-app application may be accessed by clicking on Yellow Submarine at the top of this page or our Home page. For direct access to Subsonic Login page, we recommend saving same on your computer desktop. Our SpiriteNet app has been upgraded to meet Apple new requirements. While the app can still be downloaded for free trial usage, a $0.99 per month subscription charge will be required. To download in Apple App Store, use search phrase “spirit enterprises” (with space and without quotes) and scroll down if needed to image of SpiriteNet Bible podium.


Subsonic provides “apps” for a variety of smart phone devices. To learn more about available Subsonic “apps”, <<click here>>.

While our user friendly SpiriteNet Apple app does not required any login requirements, the following parameters are required by Subsonic apps:

Use (or) and
Username: 300 Password: free (case sensitive).