Welcome to Subsonic Apps Net-Casting

Our Net-Casting service (for Video/Audio and Audio only presentations) is supported by a dedicated Computer Server hosting Subsonic software that requires a separate Login. That being said, with the exception of our SpiriteNet Apple app requiring a minimum $0.99/month subscription charge, our Net-Casting Service continues to remain FREE with only Username: 300 and Password: free (case sensitive) required for all.

Using the same directions as given below for DESKTOP USERS, our Net-Casting service can be accessed for FREE on any smartphone without the need of an App. For convenience, you may want to “Homepage” our website: after accessing same. The same can be done for our Net-Casting Login Page to save one step. Using your “zoom in/and out” capabilities of your smartphone, you can increase the size of login to facilitate entering Username: 300 and Password: free (case sensitive). The same “zoom in/out” can be applied as needed. Note also, unlike our SpiriteNet Apple app, your smartphone can be turned sideways (landscape) versus portrait viewing. If you have a desktop computer, you can practice on it first before using your smartphone. Lastly, if you are having problems playing Videos using our SpiriteNet app, you can (1) use your smartphone as noted above to circumvent the problem or (2) while in our website, just play the same YouTube videos as you would normally do on any computer.

Our Subsonic application may be accessed by clicking on Yellow Submarine at the top of this webpage or at top of our “Home” page or using Site Menu “Net-Casting” page “Free Login” option. Whatever is handiest and easiest for you.
After logging in, use either Triple Horizontal Bars or A-Z Index choices to display left column options for: “Holy Spirit”, “Kevin Saunders”, etc. Picking/Clicking on one will lead you to all available Net-Casting choices and playback options. “Logging Out” option can be found at the top of Left column.

For Apple phone users, our Net-Casting “SpiriteNet” app can be downloaded for free trial usage with access limited to just the first of each selection. Just follow the options to Explore or to Subscribe. Due to Apple policies, a minimum $0.99 per month subscription charge is required. To download in Apple App Store, use search phrase “spirit enterprises” (with space and without quotes) and scroll down if needed to image of SpiriteNet “Bible Podium”. For those who don’t have an Apple phone, Subsonic provides “apps” for a variety of Smart Phone devices – to learn more, <<click here>>.

While our user friendly “SpiriteNet” Apple app does not required any login requirements, the following parameters are required by Subsonic apps:

Use (or) and
Username: 300 Password: free (case sensitive).