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Our website was originally created to sell our recordings of Bible Study Lectures. You can now listen to same for FREE using our Subsonic based Net-Casting Service. In addition, we expanded our website topics to include our related “life experiences”. Continue reading below for a brief introductory guide to each topic.
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Have you ever wanted your own personal guide to take you thru the Bible, verse-by-verse, from Genesis through Revelation?
Our unique Bible Study recordings continue to impact the lives of participants throughout the World by presenting a non-theological, non-sermonizing approach to Scripture. This approach has appealed to a wide diversity of students of varying denominations and those simply wanting to know more about the greatest book ever written. Choose your own guide from three in-depth, dynamic teachers. Click on “Image of Teacher” above for a brief biography and catalog of their presentations.
Since 1973, we have been blessed by the Catholic Charismatic Movement and have experienced the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”. And yes, we asked, received and pray with The Gift of Tongues; given Prophecy; prayed over and witness physical, emotional, and spiritual Healings; and participated in Intercessory Prayer. We especially enjoyed Praising God during our weekly Prayer Meetings at our home parish of Our Lady of Peace. Those were exciting times full of miraculous events. We invite you to share in this legacy by first listening to Father Terry Donahue’s presentations: (click here) or on “Image of Dove” above.
Before we visited Medjugorje, where apparitions of the Virgin Mary are still going on since 1981, our family worked with “Author: Mary Joan Wallace” to produce “Medjugorje – Its Background and Messages”. After our visit, as part of a Film Crew, we were able to produce a revised edition that includes an exclusive color insert featuring local people, pilgrims, priests, and visionaries. If you have gone to Medjugorje or are going, this sixty-page publication is available for FREE download off our website. Of no less interest are Mary Joan’s other publications efforts dealing with Guadalupe and summary insights on “City of God”. All worth the time. To access her comprehensive and informative webpage, (click here) or on “Image of Mary Joan Wallace” above.
*** SAINT PHILOMENA – Powerful with God ***
We dedicated our website to St. Philomena because of her miraculous intervention for our son, David, while suffering with the effects of schizophrenia. Our webpage extensively covers her life for you to consider her intervention or to recommend same. Her life’s story as told in her own words may be found under our Net-Casting service. You may (click here) or on “Image of St Philomena” above to access her webpage.

Our website and “SpiriteNet” app offer hundreds of hours of Bible Study expository teaching – please visit our “Net-Casting” webpage above for more details.

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