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Updated: 6/2/2012 -- In the past three years, our most popular form of MP3 player has been the Ipod. Our customers purchased MP3/CDs whose MP3 file contents could be easily transferred from their computers to their Ipods via free Itunes software. With the introduction of competing MP3 memory only players, as cheap as $20, purchasing MP3/CDs still remains a great option.

However, with the current explosion of the Smart Phone and Ipad devices with supporting WiFi and 4G speed phone/internet access, it's a whole new ball game! Basically, if you have such devices and are already paying for web services to access music, find your next driving destination, etc., using one of several thousand "apps" available, then you only need to subscribe to our FREE Net-Casting service to access all of our MP3 offerings. Using our Subsonic option for Net-Casting, you can listen to our selections just as you would any music artist, album, and track. And because Subsonic automatically downloads your next selection(s) while listening to your current choice (true for some, but not all Subsonic "apps") you can go OFF-LINE to listen to any previously downloaded selection(s). In short, with the new technology, you don't even need to be on the internet to listen to your favorite teacher or Bible passage. Use our FREE Net-Casting Service to get started on what we believe will be a life giving and life changing experience.

The purpose of this section are two-fold:
   (1) to offer our customers some guidelines in selecting equipment that will make the experience of listening more beneficial to them, and
   (2) to list MP3_CD compatible equipment found by our customers to be satisfactory for their personal use. Likewise, Spirit Enterprises, itself a user of such equipment , simply lists what it has found useful for its purposes as well.
Some guidelines for selecting an MP3_CD compatible player:
    If at all possible, acquire an actual  MP3, preferably one of ours, to test equipment before purchasing. (While rare, some electronic stores may require you to return purchased equipment to the original manufacture, not them, if you are unhappy with your selection. When in doubt, ask for store return policy before checking out!)

Some basic key functions & features to check for:
(a)    Is the player capable of returning  to the place it left off even after the power is turn-off. Can it be programmed to do so simply? If you have been listening for a half-hour within an hour session, you really want to avoid starting from the beginning of the track each time.

(b)    Can you go directly to a track or jump from track-to-track easily with fast forward arrows?

(c)    Can you easily go fast forward or backwards within a track without skipping to the next track accidentally? If you really want to rehear something or jot down a note -- this feature has got to work for you!

(d)   Can all control functions in general like volume level be easily understood and operated?

(e)    Can you do (b) or (c) or (d) above with remote control provided? The better portable CD Players have in-line remotes so you can store your player in a back pack while walking or running.

(f)     Anti-skip time -- how long 45 seconds - 2 minutes - 4 minutes? Portable CD players, in order to save battery time and to avoid interruption to the listener, now only spin the CD disc as necessary to provide continuous play. 

(g)    Are batteries re-chargeable or just replaceable? Listening time available? This depends on your personal need and judgment. The newer CD portables feature re-chargeable batteries.

(h)   Does the portable unit come with a  tape cassette adapter for car use. If it doesn't, and you need same for your car, tape cassette adapter kits are readily available for purchase for around $20 each. Even if you don't have a tape cassette player, there are wireless audio connectors that can play thru your car FM player for the same amount of money. See next column for Wireless Audio Link.

Some features worth having but not necessarily essential.
(a)    Does the unit have a large read out display -- LED with backlighting preferable as it can be read better in daylight. Does it sport an inline remote (between CD player & headset) with the same features.

(b)    Does the unit  support MP3-- ID3 tags. MP3s may be recorded with Artist info that is displayable to the user. Spirit Enterprises uses ID3 tags to provide track info on Teacher & Bible Verses being taught. As our track assignments are simple and straight forward for both MP3s & CDs, navigating from track to track can be easily accomplished without being display dependent.

MP3_CD Compatible Players --updated 2/18/04

--- Cars:

Updated: 5/7/2007 - In 2007, many car manufactures like Saturn and Toyota provide options for CD/MP3 Players and/or input jacks for portable players, Ipods, etc. For your next car, check for MP3 support.

--- Computers
 Do you have a computer and want to know how to play an MP3 or CD? ----- If you have a PC supporting any popular  Microsoft Windows operating system, go to START, PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, ENTERTAINMENT, and choose either CD Player or Windows Media Player to play CDs or MP3s, respectively.
If you are a MAC user, Quicktime covers all audio requirements.

--- "Boom-boxes" for home use & excursion.
Updated: 5/7/2007 - Lots of choices now days. Found an all digital CD/MP3/Tape Player at Target made by Phillips with full function remote and auto reverse for cassette tape player - totally unique for about $150.00 which I snatched up for my wife, Dodi.

--- CD Portables for car, walking, jogging , and  home..
Lots of brands and makes available from $30.00 and up!
Do you have stores  like Best Buy, Fry's, Good Guys,  Radio Shack,  Target,  Walmart near you? It's worth a trip to see what is available for some hands-on operation. Look for or ask for equipment that displays MP3 compatibility symbol. 
Tip: You can easily connect a  portable MP3 player to play thru your home entertainment system. Radio Shack is a ready source for any cables you might need. See also Audio Wireless Link below.

--- DVD Players ---
Sony brand seemed to have a number of models that were of interest. Spirit Enterprises purchased one for its own use and found same to work satisfactorily. At Costco and Fry's, newer TVs with built in DVD players and many standalone DVD Players  were observed  to have MP3 compatibility symbol.
---  Wireless Audio Link ---
This versatile option (as can be connected to a portable MP3 player) transmits wirelessly thru a FM radio in your car or at home. Tried successfully by our customers in their car, the unit as initially purchased at Frys Electronics for $20.00, was also found to be available thru the Web. The particular unit was manufactured by SIIG. Inc. and can be referenced by Part#CE-WAL012 and Model#CE0710. ---  Our customers noted that  similar devices were available and to be forewarned that the unit they purchased required the car's cigarette lighter outlet for a power source.
For any additional information or recommendations, please feel free to give us a call at the office. Thanks for your input!

DISCLAIMER: Spirit Enterprises is not in the business nor does it seek to be in the business of purchasing, selling, or otherwise recommending the purchase of MP3_CD compatible equipment of one vendor over another.


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