Holy Spirit


As of 2021, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Southern Cailfornia celebrated its 50th Anniversary under the auspices of Southern California Renewal Communities (S.C.R.C.). Reviewing “scrc.org” website, reveals that over 70 Prayer Groups are listed. As participants in the Renewal since 1973, we were inspired to create this webpage to introduce “The Baptism and Gifts of the Holy Spirit” and to share resources that have guided us along the way. Four sections are provided as follows: HISTORY, BAPTISM & GIFTS, GETTING STARTED, and BOOKS.

Section 1: >>> HISTORY <<<

by Father Terry Donahue
Four “YouTube” presentations providing an overview from time of Apostles to now.
“Part 1” It’s Nature & Effect (click here)
“Part 2” Catholic Charismatic Renewal
& Historic Experience (click here)
“Part 3” Modern Charismatic
Experience (click here)
“Part 4” Evangelism &
St. Pope John Paul II (click here)

Section 2: >>> BAPTISM & GIFTS <<<

The following presentations by Fr. Robert Degrandis, S.S.J. are notably, with his books, some of the best teachings available, especially, as given in a work-shop setting. Fr. Degrandis did not just teach about the “Gifts” but had his class participants personally experience them as well. To begin, access our Net-Casting service (see Net-Casting page for more details) or just (click here) and after login select “Holy Spirit” option on left column.

Net-Casting Presentation Order
(Audio Only)
Gifts of the Holy Spirit- Fr. DeGrandis
1-Gift of Tongues
3-Prophesy Workshop 1
4-Prophesy Workshop 2
5-Gift of Healing
6-Healing Workshop
7-The Gift of Miracles
8-The Gift of Faith
9-Word of Knowledge 1
10-Word of Knowledge 2
11-Discerment of Spirits
12-Word of Wisdom
The Gifts of Healing – Fr. DeGrandis
1-Healing Through Mass 1
2-Healing Through Mass 2
3-Coming to Life
4-Growing in Jesus
5-Self Image
6-Baptism in the Holy Spirit
7-Healing the Broken Heart
8-Healing the Inner Person
9-Spiritual Warfare 1
10-Spiritual Warfare 2
12-Forgiveness Prayer
Father Robert DeGrandis, S.S.J.
— From “YouTube” In No Particular Order —
Intergenerational Healing (click here)
Baptism in the Spirit/Praying in Tongues (click here)
Receive Inner Healing (click here)
Healing Through the Mass (click here)
We Are in Spiritual Warfare (click here)
From Bitterness to Joy: How Forgiveness Heals (click here)
The Holy Spirit’s Fire of Love (click here)
Healing the Broken Hearted (click here)
Forgiveness Prayer – Text (click here)

Section 3: >>> GETTING STARTED <<<

If you did your homework on Sections 1: and 2: above, you may have already received and experienced the “The Baptism of the Holy Spirit”. If YES or NO, what next? Finding a local Charismatic Prayer group may be a good answer and start. So, say a prayer, ask around, check your Parish Bulletin, call your Diocese, use the Web. If living in Southern California, access S.C.R.C. (Southern California Renewal Communities) website at “scrc.org” for a listing of all local Prayer Groups. Your reasons for attending may vary from curiosity to requesting the “Laying on of Hands” to formally received in a traditional way the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” and with a little help begin “Speaking/Praying with the Gift of Tongues”. Typically, a Prayer Group will be led from time-to-time to offer a “Life in the Spirit Seminar” which is intended to be an “Introduction to The Baptism of the Holy Spirit”. The Seminar concludes with the “Laying on of Hands” as noted above. May our prayers and God’s Peace go with you – “Seek and you will find!”

Section 4: >>> BOOKS <<<

We are fortunate that the Charismatic Movement, through the legacy of great pioneers and authors, has provided us with a great deal of literature about the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” and “How to Grow in the Gifts”. While some of the book titles listed may be out of print, use the Internet as your best resource for finding same. We also encourage you to search “YouTube” for videos of authors listed as we did for Father DeGrandis. Lastly, we recommend establishing a library of books that can be shared and don’t forget to include some great classics of the Saints.

Book List Organization – Using just our own library of books collected over the years, two book lists are provided, each starting with a list of authors only and then followed by list of authors and their publications. Book List #1 is recommended for “Initial Reading” and Book List #2 for “Beyond Initial Reading”. Of course, whether you are new to the Charismatic Renewal or a veteran, you are free to choose from either list or in any order. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide. Praise God!
For Book List #1 (click here)
For Book List #2 (click here)