Holy Spirit


As of 2022, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Southern Cailfornia celebrated its 50th Anniversary under the auspices of Southern California Renewal Communities (S.C.R.C.). Reviewing “scrc.org” website (a highly recommended and endless source of info and media on the Charismatic Renewal), reveals that over 70 Prayer Groups are listed. As participants in the Renewal since 1973, we were inspired to create from our “life experiences” a summary “Holy Spirit” webpage to introduce “The Baptism and Gifts of the Holy Spirit” and to share resources that have guided us along the way. Six Sections are provided as follows: 1_History, 2_Baptism & Gifts, 3_Getting Started, 4_Spirit Seminar, 5_Prayer Group, and 6_Books. Lastly, two “Postscripts on Evangelism” are provided for your prayerful consideration.

Section 1: >>> History <<<

by Father Terry Donahue
Four “YouTube” presentations providing an overview from time of Apostles to now. How it all started!
***Available here and on our Net-Casting Service ***
“Part 1” It’s Nature & Effect (click here)
“Part 2” Catholic Charismatic Renewal
& Historic Experience (click here)
“Part 3” Modern Charismatic
Experience (click here)
“Part 4” Evangelism &
St. Pope John Paul II (click here)

Section 2: >>> Baptism & Gifts <<<

The following presentations by Fr. Robert Degrandis, S.S.J. are notably, with his books, some of the best teachings available, especially, as given in a work-shop setting. Fr. Degrandis did not just teach about the “Gifts” but had his class participants personally experience them as well. To begin, access our Net-Casting service (see Net-Casting page for more details) or just (click here) and after login select “Holy Spirit” option on left column.

Net-Casting Presentation Order
(Audio Only)
Gifts of the Holy Spirit- Fr. DeGrandis
1-Gift of Tongues
3-Prophesy Workshop 1
4-Prophesy Workshop 2
5-Gift of Healing
6-Healing Workshop
7-The Gift of Miracles
8-The Gift of Faith
9-Word of Knowledge 1
10-Word of Knowledge 2
11-Discerment of Spirits
12-Word of Wisdom
The Gifts of Healing – Fr. DeGrandis
1-Healing Through Mass 1
2-Healing Through Mass 2
3-Coming to Life
4-Growing in Jesus
5-Self Image
6-Baptism in the Holy Spirit
7-Healing the Broken Heart
8-Healing the Inner Person
9-Spiritual Warfare 1
10-Spiritual Warfare 2
12-Forgiveness Prayer
*** VIDEOS ***
*** Available here and on our Net-Casting Service ***
Father Robert DeGrandis, S.S.J.
— From “YouTube” In No Particular Order —
*** Getting to know Father DeGrandis ***
“Intergenerational Healing” (click here)
by “Upon This Rock TV Ministry Inc”
Receiving “Baptism in the Spirit” &
Releasing “Speaking/Praying in Tongues”

(click here) Rare “Workshop” Footage
(2 Parts) – approx. 1-hour each
“Receive Inner Healing” (click here)
by “Upon This Rock TV Ministry Inc”
“Healing Through the Mass” (click here)
by “Upon This Rock TV Ministry Inc”
“We Are in Spiritual Warfare” (click here)
by “Upon This Rock TV Ministry Inc”
Spiritual Warfare Prayer – Text (click here)
“Healing the Broken Hearted” (click here)
by “Upon This Rock TV Ministry Inc”
Forgiveness Prayer – Text (click here)

Section 3: >>> Getting Started <<<

If you did your homework on Sections 1: and 2: above, you may have already received and experienced the “The Baptism of the Holy Spirit”. If YES or NO, what next? Finding a local Charismatic Prayer group may be a good answer and start. So, say a prayer, ask around, check your Parish Bulletin, call your Diocese, use the Web. If you’re living in Southern California, access S.C.R.C. (Southern California Renewal Communities) website at “scrc.org” for a listing of all local Prayer Groups. Your reasons for attending may vary from curiosity to requesting the “Laying on of Hands” to formally receive in a traditional way the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” and with a little help begin “Speaking/Praying with the Gift of Tongues”. Typically, a Prayer Group will be led from time-to-time to offer a “Life in the Spirit Seminar” which is intended to be an “Introduction to The Baptism of the Holy Spirit”. The Seminar includes the “Laying on of Hands” as noted above. May our prayers and God’s Peace go with you – “Seek and you will find!”

Section 4: >>> Life in the Spirit Seminar <<<

As a backup plan to not finding a Prayer Group and/or Life in the Spirit Seminar, we recommend whether just for yourself or as a Prayer Group the following Catholic web resource: PatriarchMinistries.com. Completing topics TOS153 thru TOS159 below will provide a complete Life in the Spirit Seminar experience. In particular, a choice to watch (via YouTube) and/or to read a transcript of each presentation is provided. If you scroll down to the end of each Transcript option, additional materials are provided for your personal consideration or as can be used by a Prayer Group for small group discussion. In short, the complete package for you or a Prayer Group beginning with God’s Love to reception of the Baptism/Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Like SCRC (scrc.org), the website contains many topics on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and their application.

“Discovering Life in the Spirit” presented by Patti Brunner
of Patriarch Ministries (2021)
***Available here and on our Net-Casting Service ***
Remember, if you only watch the video, to scroll down to bottom of transcript for additional materials.
>>>To get started, click on underscored Topic<<<
TOS153 – Why Life in the Spirit? (24 min)
TOS154 #1 – God’s Gift of Love (22 min)
TOS155 #2 – Conversion of Heart (33 min)
TOS156 #3 – Direct Infusion – A Witness of Patti Brunner (31 min)
TOS157 #4 – Preparing the Heart for the Holy Spirit (26 min)
TOS158 #5 – Baptism in the Holy Spirit (33 min)
TOS159 #6 – Gifts of the Holy Spirit (51 min)

Section 5: >>> The Prayer Group <<<

We were fortunate to participate at various levels of a Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group as members of the Core Team, as leaders of the Prayer Meeting, and Prayer Team Ministry. Our first point is that it only takes two to start a Prayer Group. Does “where two or more are gathered in my Name” sound familiar? In truth, Our Lady of Peace Church Charismatic Prayer Group of some 200 participants was founded by three Sisters of the Society of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (J.M.J.) praying in a classroom by themselves. No excuses, if you can’t find a Prayer Group, the Lord may be calling you to start one! Keep Praying!

>>> The Core Team <<<
Every Prayer Group should have one that meets on a regular basis, preferably outside of the Prayer Meeting. The Core Team purpose is to pray and discern, using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the progress and direction of the Prayer Group. As an example, the Core Team is led by the Holy Spirit via Gifts of Tongues, Prophecy, Word of Knowledge, Wisdom, Discernment, Visions, and confirming Scripture as to its actions/decisions to be made at the Core Meeting and always, as gathered in prayer, just before the start of a Prayer Meeting. Decisions such as having a Life in the Spirit Seminar, or a Parish Night of Healing will be prompted by the Holy Spirit and in line with the size and maturity of the Prayer Group to hold same. The critical point being made from experience is that the “Agenda” of the Prayer Group is being inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit. At times, the Holy Spirit leads the Core Team to pray over each other individually. Physical, emotional, spiritual healing and additional graces are conferred by the Holy Spirit during this time. Of importance here is that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are being exercised thru the practice of same. Take notice, if the majority of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are not flowing in the Core Group, they are likely not going to be happening at the Prayer Meeting.

>>> The Charismatic Prayer Meeting <<<
The central purpose is to give thanks and praise to God! This may be done in several ways as the Holy Spirit leads. As an example, following some “inspired” opening songs led by the Music Ministry, the Leader calls the meeting to order, welcomes newcomers, and offers prayers inviting the Holy Spirit to come and to help open our hearts. The meeting continues with the leading of the Music Ministry. As “inspired”, the selection of songs may lead the Prayer Meeting down several paths from a joyous praise to a call for repentance. During this time, the Holy Spirit may lead participants to begin, with arms lifted up, praying and singing with the Gift of Tongues. During moments of silence, the Gifts of Prophecy and Interpretation of Tongues provide God’s message(s) of inspiration and encouragement. Scripture passages confirming God’s message(s) may be discerned and given. The Gift of Word of Knowledge may be used by the Leadership to call out healings taking place. And all of this activity being coordinated by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit! Less we forget, Prayer Meetings typically include “teachings” from Leadership and/or an invited Guest. However, we recommend these teachings or sharing’s be kept on the short side and not to replace the main purpose of the Prayer Meeting to give thanks and praise and allow the Holy Spirit to lead from there. In our experience, the Prayer Meeting is all about our inviting the Heavenly Court and letting God be God!

>>> Prayer Team Ministry <<<
The “maturity” of a Prayer Group may be measured in part by its development and availability of Prayer Team Ministry. During a Prayer Meeting it is not uncommon that Healings (whether physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination thereof) may take place during the Praise and/or Silent portions of the meeting. And we can say that the more the Praise, the more the Healings – God is generous! From experience, there may be individuals who may need some extended personal prayer. The Leadership, as appropriate, may announce that such personal prayer is available at that meeting or by appointment with its Prayer Team Ministry. Prayer Teams, initially flowing from the Core Group, consists typically of two or three persons whose different Gifts of the Holy Spirit complement their ministering and have been discerned by the Core Team members to have the maturity and experience to pray over others. In ministering, one person takes the lead and the other(s) provide(s) support through Praying in Tongues and alerting the leader as to insights received. The Praise reports received from Team Ministers gives proof that Jesus’s commandment to Preach, Teach, and Heal is being fulfilled.
Praise God!
As a closing note, The Gifts of the Holy Spirit may lead you to Spiritual Warfare, formation and operation of an Intercessory Prayer Group, and Deliverance Ministry. As your spiritual life and union with the Trinity grows, the Holy Spirit will prepare you to serve in one or more of these ministries. For now, may God’s Peace go with you!

Section 6: >>> Books <<<

We are fortunate that the Charismatic Movement, through the legacy of great pioneers and authors, has provided us with a great deal of literature about the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” and “How to Grow in the Gifts”. While some of the book titles listed may be out of print, use the Internet (don’t forget SCRC – scrc.org) as your best resource for finding same. We also encourage you to search “YouTube” for videos of authors listed as we did for Father DeGrandis. Lastly, we recommend establishing a library of books that can be shared and don’t forget to include some great classics of the Saints.

Book List Organization – Using just our own library of books collected over the years, two book lists are provided, each starting with a list of authors only and then followed by list of authors and their publications. Book List #1 is recommended for “Initial Reading” and Book List #2 for “Beyond Initial Reading”. Of course, whether you are new to the Charismatic Renewal or a veteran, you are free to choose from either list or in any order. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide. Praise God!
For Book List #1 (click here) , for Book List #2 (click here), or select Site Menu “Holy Spirit” options.

Postscripts on Evangelism

Jesus’ ministry, in addition to Preach (the Kingdom of God is at hand), Teach (about the Kingdom), and Heal (all who were brought to him), included Deliverance (destroying Satan’s kingdom). Jesus final command to us was to do all of the above! While we have not focused on the need and different levels of Deliverance on this webpage, it has non-the-less been part of our “life experience”. So, as we began our webpage with Father Terry Donahue’s presentations on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the need and application of Gifts of the Holy Spirit to Evangelization, we would like to end on the same theme with an awareness and need, as empowered by the Baptism of the Holy Spirit “to destroy Satan’s kingdom”.

From Judith MacNutt’s book – “Encountering Angels”,
page 213 as follows:

The early Church moved in the power of the Holy Spirit and transformed individuals and society. They relied on direction of God, on visions, on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and on angelic assistance to usher in the Kingdon of God.
Today believers are being called to return to evangelization as it was modeled for us in the early days of the Church. In 2 Timothy 3:3-5, Paul wrote that in the last days people will maintain the form of godliness but will leave out its real power.
We cannot proclaim the Good News of the Gospel without being empowered by the Holy Spirit. The intent of Paul’s letters to the early believers was to draw their attention to the cosmic battle that is taking place against evil in the heavenly realm. He is instructing them, and us, that their human resources will not achieve the desired outcome. This battle requires spiritual weapons and the angelic armies of God.
From Francis MacNutt’s book – “Deliverance from Evil Spirits,
page 66 as follows:

The Power of Evangelization
This brings us to a major point: The Gospel is not meant merely to teach doctrine, but necessarily includes the power to free, to save and to heal. After preaching in thirty countries, I believe that peoples of every culture are waiting to hear the message of Christ’s salvation. Whenever we preach that God, in love, sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to free the human race from sin and evil, people respond eagerly.
In the days when I taught homiletics in seminary, I thought the preacher’s problem was to figure out how to make the Gospel relevant to the needs of contemporary people. Now I realize the Gospel is in itself relevant, that it does appeal. But I was not preaching the Gospel fully because I did not fully understand the need for the power to heal and free people from evil spirits. Basically I saw myself as a teacher and did not experience the Spirit’s power that Jesus always gave His disciples when He sent them out to preach:
When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. Luke 9:1-2
Only when we are able to free the oppressed and heal those suffering from the curse of sickness can we really preach Christ’s basic message: The Kingdom of God is at hand and the kingdom of Satan is being destroyed.