Dear Dr. Aste, and Cucha, too,
        I am delighted to have your permission to be able to use pictures of reflections from the eyes of the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe as shown from pages 102-103 and also 110-111 (along with Alberta's good English translations of these pages) from your earlier book on The Secret of Her Eyes!  THANK YOU! And I know that Alberta will be pleased to learn of your positive approval of her translations. I hope and pray that additional magazine articles and books and/or booklets might soon be printed with contents used from what I have so carefully written on The Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe - God's Gift for Us All--and especially about and now showing what can be seen reflected from the eyes of Our Lady's Image.  
        Perhaps it might be also possible now (hope, hope) that Dick Anesi could add these pictures and their translations to his web site of for within its section that features and provides access to actual content of my Guadalupe and other writings.  I also am sending a copy of this email to Peter Stemp, who writes for our diocese and its bishop.  I think he and many others might well be interested in looking into what you have written below about your free electonic book now available from Apple Ipad on Our Lady of Guadalupe's Eyes.
        God bless you, Dr. Aste and Cucha, and thank you again for your very caring dedication and great effort in providing such tremendously important information about Our Lady of Guadalupe.
                                                                                    Mary Joan (Mary Jo) Wallace  
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From: quipusa
To: Mary Jo
Sent: Saturday,January 12, 2013 6:39 PM
Subject: Re: Can you give permission for use of 1st 2 attachments? 
Dear Mary Jo,
I am sorry for not answering your previous emails, but I have been too busy.
You have my permissión to use the pictures and the translations you send me in this email (they are good translations).
I admire your enthusiasm and energy in the difussión of the mesages of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
As you may know I published a free electronic book for the Apple Ipad ("Our Lady of Guadalupe's Eyes" in English and "Los Ojos de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe" in Spanish). They can be get from the Apple Itunes Store in the free section under "Religion".
God bless You
José Aste
El 12/01/2013, a las 15:55, "Mary Jo" <> escribió:
Dear Cucha and Dr. Aste (Pepe),
        I pray that you are well and that your writings and presentations have gone extremely well, including your trip to Rome.  Were you eventually able to make it to Israel, too? 
        ***In view of all the very important things you both are doing, I really don't want to bother you.  However, I still desire an answer to questions I asked in recent emails:   I would greatly appreciate your permission to share your pictures and attached English translation page re those shown in the eyes of the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, as seen in each of the first two attachments above.  With each of these is a second page translation by Alberta that can be printed here. 
        Do you not wish these pictures and writings shared (either privately, or in a possible publication of my writings)?  Or might the original publisher of your book now out of print not wish this?  If so, I can understand.   But, if you don't wish to or can't give permission for use of the above material, might you AT LEAST be able to let me know some way in which I could secure and use like pictures?   PLEASE ANSWER YES OR NO, and perhaps suggest other sources of similar pictures if those above can't be used.  Thank you so much!
        ALSO:  I think you may be interested in seeing and reading the three-page Guadalupe magazine article with excerpts from my writings-- attached above and about which I am very pleased.   Its excerpts are from my 28-page Guadalupe report and were printed in the recent Winter 2012 edition of Medjugorje Magazine, with its large and world-wide circulation.  In  the beginning of this article above the editor refers to having had other articles in her magazine about your eye enlargements. I have not seen these articles. Most of the excerpts from my writings above are about the tilma itself, its Indian picture writing and stars, etc.  However, fortunately a little is about the family seen in Our Lady's eyes, and the apparent importance of families to Our Lady and to God.  I believe that you will be happy to know that such information is being more widely circulated.  :-)
         I am so very pleased about this article above and hope  it might help lead to my 28 pages on the Guadalupe Image eventually becoming published.  As mentioned earlier, it and my book summarizing  Mary's Life and Reflections, as Seen in The Mystical City of God can be read on a Catholic bible study web site, www.spiritenterprises, after clicking under my picture halfway down the introductory page.
         I am 81, about the same age as you, Pepe, and I know that for me it is becoming more difficult to physically do all that I want to do.  I appreciate so very much all your efforts in continuing to study and provide information about this tremendously important and amazing image and all your past sharings with me!  God bless you both!
                                              With love and prayers, 
                                              Mary Jo Wallace (805) 466-6044 
<Guadalupe Article in Color from Medjugorje Magazine by M.J.Wallace.pdf><13 People from 1531  in Eyes of Guadalupe Image.pdf><Family of 7 Seen in Eyes of Guadalupe Image.pdf>