*** Introducing Mary Joan Wallace as Author of Three Unique Publications ***

  • "Mary Jo" has been an integral part of Spirit Enterprises since 1989 when she, as part of an Anesi Family effort for Follow Me Communications, gave birth to Medjugorje - Its Background and Messages. Her journalistic style of reporting all events and persons with relentless accuracy draws the reader's attention and gives credulence to the final effort. Over six thousand copies of her book were sold in 1989, followed by a second revised printing of 5000 copies in 1991. Today, with over 30 million visitors to Medjugorje since 1981, her book still remains an original and timeless classic for anyone who has traveled or will be traveling there. As only a few collector's copies remain for sale, Spirit Enterprises has elected to preserve a viewable copy online - click here or on picture below.

  • SPECIAL NOTE (8/13/17) The following two publications as available on this site represent earlier versions. The latest versions, updated as of 2017, are now available as Kindle e-books. To find, enter "Mary Joan Wallace" at Amazon.com search box.

  • Mary Jo's second effort, Mary's Life And Reflections As Seen In The Mystical City Of God, is taken from a 794-page abridgement, called City of God, a translation about Mary’s life as revealed to a seventeenth-century nun, Ven. Mary of Agreda. In summarizing this classical work, Mary Jo provides us with "highlights" of Mary's thoughts and surrounding events that she prays in her dedication will inspire and bless us. While this work was at the time an unpublished "work of love" to a few friends, Spirit Enterprises felt that the excellence of the effort and its appendices on Marian dogma were well worth asking Mary Jo to share same - click here or on picture below. [Click here for additional reviews.]

  • Last, but not least, The Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe - God’s Gift for Us All was written by Mary Jo and the initial version with pictures as may be found on this site was completed in the fall of 2013. Her informative work includes: Eye enlargement pictures (2500 times) showing reflections of 13 persons from orginal 1531 image and including a family of seven. Due again to the excellent nature of this well researched piece, Spirit Enterprises requested and received Mary Jo's permission to display her initial effort online- click here or on picture below.

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Medjugorje - Its Background And Messages


Collector's (Uncirculated)

Mary's Life And Reflections
As Seen In
The Mystical City Of God

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The Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe - God’s Gift for Us All