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Welcome to THE BIBLE: Plain & Simple Series
as originally recorded and distributed by Spirit Enterprises.

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Kevin Saunders Rev. Tom Brewer Rabbi Michael Mayersohn   St. Philomena
  Mr. Kevin Saunders Rev. Tom Brewer Rabbi Michael Mayersohn   Saint Philomena, Powerful With God!

Have you ever wanted your own personal guide to take you thru the Bible, verse-by-verse, from Genesis through Revelation? Your guide awaits you within The Bible: Plain and Simple Series.

This unique Bible Study Series has continued to impact the lives of participants located throughout Southern California, Arizona, and the World. This non-theological, non-sermonizing approach to Scripture has constantly appealed to a wide diversity of students of varying denominations and those simply wanting to know more about the greatest book ever written. You may choose your own guide from three in-depth, dynamic teachers any one of which will enrich your own knowledge base. Although committed to a format of presentation which unites them, each teacher comes with his own unique background, expertise, and style of presentation.

Featured Author:
Mary Joan Wallace

Mary Joan Wallace
City of God
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Mr. Kevin Saunders, a Notre Dame graduate, has spent time in Israel sharing his knowledge of Christianity and learning from rabbis about Mid-Eastern customs and culture which are so foreign to our Western thinking but lived by Jesus and His contemporaries. An excellent and enthusiastic story teller, Kevin brings a deeper cultural understanding of passages in Scripture (especially the Gospels) which have perhaps confused or eluded our contemporary thinking. Kevin now teaches full time through out Arizona under his own banner of Arizona Bible Class.

Rev. Tom Brewer, graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, is a founding pastor with over 40 years of Bible teaching experience and a passionate love for Jesus. Tom’s wit, style, and knowledge are true to the Scripture and challenging to the listener. One always has a golden nugget to ponder when he/she leaves the class. Did not Jesus teach in a similar fashion? Rev. Brewer has sinced moved to Washington State to be with his grand-daughter and family.

Rabbi Michael Mayersohn brings his own unique and scholarly ability to present without bias or seeking to convert an understanding from both a Jewish and Christian perspective the Torah, the Prophets, and as a surprise bonus as one class attendee put it: "To really know Jesus as a Jew". Rabbi Mayersohn has an incredible sense of humor which inspires laughter even as it inspires a deeper understanding of our Judeo-Christian heritage. Michael lives, teaches, and works as a full time Rabbi in the Los Angeles area.

What an amazing group of guides to choose from! And you do not have to limit yourself to just one!

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Your choices in more detail:

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