ABOUT MP3/CDs vs. Standard CDs

MP3/CDs are identical to Standard CDs in size, look, feel, and the way they play. The technical differences in recording format (compressed vs. uncompressed) essentially allow MP3/CDs to hold more hours of audio sound than Standard CDs. Thus, while a Standard CD is typically limited to 80 minutes of audio sound, an equivalent MP3/CD can hold a range of hours at various levels of sound quality.

With respect to sound quality and associated compression factor, Spirit Enterprises maintains a FM Radio equivalent standard of 64 kbps to master its MP3/CDs. By doing so, more than 15 hours can be recorded on a single MP3/CD without sacrificing the quality of voice sound that lower recording rates for voice sound do.  In this way, an entire presentation of Genesis (18 Hours - consisting of 12 sessions or 23 tracks as seen above), can be recorded on one MP3/CD. In stark contrast, it requires 23 Standard CDs  to provide the same material.

Historically, MP3 data file format has been around several years as one of the most prevalent means to transfer and store music off the Internet. Because of this history, the operating systems of nearly all home-based computers support playing MP3 files as well as audio CDs. Playing MP3/CDs or Standard CDs off one's computer has several advantages that need to be experienced to be appreciated.

Since the year, 2000, electronic manufactures of home entertainment equipment, "boom boxes", and portable CD players have steadily increased their manufacturing of  these devices with MP3 file compatibility. The "good news" is that you can now go to an electronic store like Fry's or Target and find that over 50% of the portable CD players or "boom boxes" have the MP3 file compatibility symbol clearly marked on them. Prices, likewise, for MP3 compatible players have taken a dramatic turn for the better making purchases both desirable and affordable to the pocket-book.

For information on selecting an MP3/CD compatible player, please use  MP3 Players link provided.