Alliance for Christian, Jewish and Islamic Studies (ACJIS) -  MM80
Judaism and Islam: Sacred Texts, Sacred Persons
Principal Teachers: Rabbi Michael Mayersohn and Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi

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01    Session 1A by Rabbi Mayersohn --  Session 1 Topic: God: Who God Is, What God Does <<Listen Free with
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02    Session 1B by Guest Speaker<<Listen Free with
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03    Session 2A    by Rabbi Mayersohn --  Session 2 Topic: Abraham, Issac & Ishmael -- A Father, Two Sons, and a Sacrifice

   Session 2B    by Dr. Siddiqi

05    Session 3A   by Rabbi Mayersohn --  Session 3 Topic: Moses & Mohammed, Prophets of God
06    Session 3B   by Guest Speaker

   Session 4A   by Rabbi Mayersohn --  Session 4 Topic: Jesus: Sage, Messiah, Prophet


   Session 4B   by Dr. Siddiqi

   Total playing time 6.9 hours